NEBOSH Health and Safety at Work

NEBOSH HSW stands for the NEBOSH Health and Safety at Work qualification. It is an entry-level qualification in occupational safety and health (OSH) that is suitable for people working in any industry or sector who need a basic understanding of OSH principles and practices.

The NEBOSH HSW qualification covers a range of topics related to workplace safety and health, including the legal framework for OSH, hazard identification and control, accident investigation, and emergency planning. It is designed to provide learners with a foundation of knowledge and skills that can be applied in a variety of workplaces to help reduce the risk of accidents and injuries.

The NEBOSH HSW qualification is a stand-alone qualification that does not require any prior OSH knowledge or experience. It is also a useful stepping-stone for individuals who wish to progress to higher-level OSH qualifications, such as the NEBOSH General Certificate or the NEBOSH Diploma.

The NEBOSH HSW qualification is assessed through a single written examination that takes place at the end of the course. It is recognized internationally and is highly valued by employers in many industries as evidence of a commitment to workplace safety and health.

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